Mamma Mia!

Porta Romana Covered Market, Milan - From September 2021

The first wooden mural in Milan.
For the first time, the Porta Romana Covered Market participated in the Design Week with a special artwork curated by Stefano Rossetti that frames the first sustainability design exhibition by Coldiretti.

Mamma Mia! is the first wooden mural in Milan and it is also an architectural and design installation entirely dedicated to Mother Earth: it overlooks the fa├žade of the Market with colors and shapes that express joy and invite everybody to reflect.

Four female figures carry with them the fruits of nature: they are the Four Seasons, depicted as women, mothers, and goddesses capable of great gifts. But they are also four women who fight the brutalities that threaten the Earth, as fertile as it is fragile. They find refuge in a place of harmony such as the Covered Market and invite the public to become part of this dimension.

During the inauguration of this joyful permanent installation, even the Mayor of the city Beppe Sala came to visit us to see the work live!