Sesto Calende, Italy – August 2020

Hope, joie de vivre and freedom to be: this is the Parcobaleno's message. Because you need courage and imagination to be happy! Parcobaleno is an installation that transforms the italian motto "everything will be fine" into a place to live.
From the sheets spread out on the windows to children's drawings, the rainbow has been the symbol of hope in the months of lockdown and with this project it turns into a real place, where you can touch the colored rays and walk among the clouds.
The installation develops throughout the historic center of Sesto Calende.
Starting from Piazza Mazzini you will find iron shapes, a sculptural interpretation of the book "The Little Prince", to arrive in Piazza de Cristoforis where Colorama stands out, a large rainbow almost 10 meters high with clouds and rays over the square. In the small Abba square, a giant moon surrounded by astronauts lights up the streets in the night and in Piazza Guarana the famous colored seats by Rossetti, a circle of children and a tribute to Italy, represented as a mother among her children, color the lakefront.
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